As reflected in the two separate guides this repository generates, there are two fairly distinct user-persona categories expected to engage with the documented LiquiDoc/LDCMF instance.

The Roles

Anyone producing or editing content for this project — whether their title is engineer, technical writer, or documentation manager — is acting in the role of documentarian: a documentation contributor. You are currently reading the Documentarian Guide.

Another key role is that of administrator, or admin. This role is responsible for configuration and management of all the technologies underlying the docs build, as well as overseeing adherence to conventions and best practices by documentarians. Anyone fulfilling this role must be comfortable with all of the information in both the Documentarian and Administrator Guide. You are currently reading the Documentarian Guide.

The (Documentarian) Role

A documentarian contributes to the LiquiDoc/LDCMF User Guides codebase, either as a LiquiDoc and LiquiDoc CMF developer reporting new functionality or information, or as a technical writer whose main role is to improve the LiquiDoc/LDCMF docs.

Documentarians generally need to be familiar with AsciiDoc and Liquid markup, as well as the basic ways the files in the docs repository relate to one another. Additionally, documentarians should be able to build the output artifacts locally and know how to troubleshoot various problems their changes might introduce.