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Welcome to the LiquiDoc Developer Guide!

Here you will learn to modify and extend the source code for LiquiDoc and LiquiDoc CMF as a developer.

This Developer’s Guide will get you started modifying and hopefully contributing back to LiquiDoc and the LiquiDoc Content Management Framework.

In this context, a developer is someone who hacks the core tooling of a docs project, whether in coordination with the core LD team or on their own, as anyone is welcome todo. We hope you find these docs helpful.

If your job is to implement, configure, or design a content project using LiquiDoc or LDCMF, this is probably not the guide for you. Those tasks are associated with the administrator roll.

If you are contributing to a product’s documentation as a developer, you almost certainly want the Contributor’s Guide.

Who is this Guide for?

In the context of this guide, a developer is someone who works to modify the codebase or extend the capacities of LiquiDoc and LiquiDoc CMF. Some of the material in Guide overlaps with the {docpro_guide_link} and/or the {admin_guide_link}.

As a developer contributing to LiquiDoc/LDCMF, you need to understand the basic contribution workflow; plus, you should probably document your changes in the proper place and format. Therefore, a great deal of the material in the {docpro_guide_name} is reproduced here, sometimes with modifications tailored to the developer experience.

Likewise, if you are hacking or adding to LiquiDoc, you likely need a good understanding of LiquiDoc/LDCMF architecture and configuration, so we’ve included a lot of {admin_guide_name} content in this Guide, as well.

In this guide, you will learn to…​

This document contains lots of jargon. See the AJYL-centric DocOps Jargon Glossary if you get lost.

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