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Welcome to the LiquiDoc Administrator Guide!

Here you will learn to configure and develop the documentation environment for LiquiDoc and LiquiDoc CMF as an admin.

This guide exists to help you establish and maintain a complicated documentation project that essentially treats docs source like product code. You will learn to configure a complex docs project in a sensible format using LiquiDoc Content Management Framework (LDCMF). LDCMF combines the LiquiDoc open-source build utility with a set of standards and convention for organizing the codebase and proceding.

Hack These Docs!

As the LiquiDoc administrator, you are strongly encouraged to edit the source for your own implementation of this very set of documents, assuring that they convey information applicable to your product environment.

The following material is highly abstract. It relates to conceptualizing how the LiquiDoc/LDCMF User Guides repository can be adapted to suit your product and documentation environments. This topic should be excluded from or heavily edited for any instance of LiquiDoc Docs Project that is modified to cover a different product.

The original edition of this docset describes and instructs the management of LiquiDoc itself; as the administrator of a distinct product’s documentation, you can reorient this guide to suit your needs in two key ways.

Customize for your docs

Content in these docs oriented toward “documentarians” instructs the use of LDCMF, the platform your docs team now uses. Make a few adjustments to suit your instance, and — voila! — and your own internal documentation instructions are bootstrapped.

Customize for your dev team

The developer-oriented documents in this guide, which instruct how to develop LiquiDoc and LDCMF itself, can be replaced with style guides, workflow documents, and other resources oriented to your team’s actual environment.

Customize for your product

What you will actually find in this repository is a docset that instructs

You are in fact encouraged to modify a fork/clone of this repository such that it fits your own product. See the complete guide to adapting these docs to your project.

In this guide, you will learn to…​

This document contains lots of jargon. See the AJYL-centric DocOps Jargon Glossary if you get lost.

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