This site presents a complete approach to writing, managing, building, and deploying technical documentation, all using free, open-source software and the same distributed collaboration methods that agile teams building functional software depend upon. This strategy and toolchain are especially well-suited for documenting extraordinarily complex product suites.

Home of AJYL Docstack and LiquiDoc CMF

The four core components of this approach to building great docs are Asciidoctor, JAMstack, YAML, and Liquid. Our strategy ties these “AJYL” technologies together using more open source tooling and conventions. LiquiDoc CMF is an implementation framework for managing and publishing technical content using the AJYL docstack, sourcing content in AsciiDoc, data in YAML, and tying it all together with Jekyll static-site generator and Shopify’s Liquid template parsing engine.

LiquiDoc is a command-line utility and Ruby gem that invokes these various engines for document processing. LiquiDoc CMF (LDCMF) is a set of conventions for flexibly using AJYL to build rich-text documents in endless permutations of editions, versions, and localizations, all from a single-sourced codebase.

The AJYL landing page and the LiquiDoc homepage are also part of this site, for those just finding AJYL/LDCMF, but the core offering is the LiquiDoc CMF User Guides, which both model and document an AJYL-based, LDCMF-framed documentation set.

Still Unconvinced?

We’ve organized some presentation material geared toward helping you decide if AJYL and LiquiDoc CMF are right for your project.

  • LiquiDoc CMF Landing Page

  • AJYL Landing Page | Onesheet

  • LiquiDoc Homepage | Onesheet

  • LiquiDoc CMF Documentarian’s Overview (Slides) (Onesheet)

  • LiquiDoc CMF Administrator’s Overview (Slides) (Onesheet)

  • A Tour of the LDCMF Repo

  • A Tour of the Digi Embedded LDCMF Repo

  • DocOps Evaluator Decision Matrix

  • LDCMF Proving Grounds (FAQ) (Demos)

Choose the portal or manual most appropriate to your relationship with this LiquiDoc CMF-based codebase and your preferred format.

All LDCMF Guides are built from DRY source, including markup originating in the codebases of the dependent technologies covered in these Guides (LiquiDoc and the LDCMF framework files), to ensure canonical accuracy at build time.

Copyright (c) 2018 Brian Dominick & LiquiDoc Contributors